Lawn Mower & Edger Blades

UIP has been proud to bring you quality lawn mower blades for more than 75 years.

Originally our manufacturing facility was located in the Detroit, MI, but today produce our blades in Pioneer, OH. Our blades are 100% made in the USA.


We use American Steel to manufacture blades you can rely on. We also have great employees with small-town values inspecting each blade for sharpness and defects.


UIP Blades are strong because we choose to use the best grade steel. Most blades also are heat treated to add greater strength and durability to them.


You are getting a quality product at an affordable price. Your lawn will be bright and brilliant for many seasons by using UIP blades.

Years in Business

Blades Sold Since 2020


Blades in Production

Our blades are completely made in the USA. We hand sharpen each blade in our factory before it goes out to you. Our sharp durable blades will give you a great cut every time!

The UIP Difference

Unlike many cheaply made blades from overseas we take pride in creating some of the best lawn mower blades in the industry. It starts with the quality of our steel and ends when we hand grind the edges on the blades.

You can expect to get several seasons of a perfect cut from our blades before needing to replace them.

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