Landwave Ramps

It all started from an e-mail. Universal Industrial Products, Inc., had a website advertising its do-it-yourself loading ramp kits. We received a lot of hits, but no business. So the boss checked into it. Typical of the comments we received was one from a skateboarder that said, “I’m looking for skateboard ramps… When you get some real ramps, call me. Until then, bite me!”

After he stopped laughing, the boss decided to go with it and offer people what they want. If they want skate ramps, we’ll give them skate ramps! After looking at what was already on the market, the boss decided we could do it better. Now, LandWave Products, Inc., offers the only home-use skate ramps that you can build longer, wider AND higher.

LandWave Products, Inc., was born in 2003, and still offers the strongest plastic skate ramp system on the market. Yet it is lightweight and easy to use. Just two shapes – the ramp and the deck – interconnect so you can build your ramp longer, wider and higher. Arrange and rearrange them however you want. The textured surface provides just enough traction to keep you from slipping. The rubber feet keep the ramps in place.

All LandWave Products ramps, decks and hardware are manufactured right here in the United States. LandWave Products is a subsidiary of Universal Industrial Products, a diversified manufacturing company that’s been in business since 1943.


The world’s only stackable skateboard ramp! You can build skateboard ramps as big and wide as you can dream. Build multiple ramp configurations with just a few pieces. Easy to move & store. Add more pieces and create your own skate park!

RC Cars

Running your RC car up and down the sidewalk is fun. For about 5 minutes. Now what? Buy some LandWave ramps and start having real fun. Create awesome jumps! Build wild motocross-style courses and run some races!

BMX Rider

Are you a BMX rider that likes to do cool tricks? Want to know what is even better? Doing tricks that involve jumps! With our awesome stackable ramps, you can build super high ramps or create all kinds of challenging courses and jumps. Get a set today!


Riding around the neighborhood and jumping curbs is fun… Sort of. Want more? Build some high ramps with the stackable LandWave ramp system! Add a few more pieces and create some really challenging courses and jumps. Start having real fun today. Check it out!

Portable Stage

Setting up a large metal framed stage is expensive and time consuming to assemble. Need a stage that is easy to assemble, simple to store, and even easier to move? How about multiple configurations that are super quick to make? LandWave portable stages can do all that and more.

The World’s Only Stackable Ramp System! You can make them as wide or tall as your imagination will go! Great for Skateboarding, RC Cars, Bikes, and Scooters.

LandWave Skateboard


Designed by us and built by Yocaher. This design is not available through Yocaher. This is a LandWave exclusive sold on Amazon. We worked with our pro skater Doug Brown to come with a design that skateboarders said they wanted to see.