SOSS Door Hardware

At SOSS, we opened the door of innovation with our exceptional Invisible Hinge and our revolutionary UltraLatch. Don’t settle for what’s conventional, let SOSS introduce you to a brand new way to open your doors!

SOSS Invisible Hinges

SOSS is the industry standard in concealed hinges. The first SOSS invisible hinge was created by Joseph Soss in 1903. For the last 120+ years, we have created an entire line of innovative invisible hinges for every door application you can imagine. SOSS, simply the best! Learn More

SOSS Wrap Around 500 Series Hinges

To create an entirely secret door or cabinet has always been a challenge because you need to hide reveal line between the door and jam. To cover this, you could try and use trim or molding, but that would jam the door when you open it. We have solved this problem by creating the world’s first wrap around invisible hinge! This hinge will wrap around molding and trim to allow you to build a complete secret door or cabinet. Just imagine the possibilities! Learn More

Invisible Power Transfer Hinges

What if you need BOTH an invisible hinge and power that goes to the door? We have the solution for you. The SOSS Invisible Power Transfer Hinge! This hinge has all the same features as all our other concealed hinges, but this allows you to send power through the hinge. If you have an electronic lock, card reader or other reason to add power to a door the SOSS Power Transfer hinge will do the job and is completely concealed in the door. Learn More

Invisible Hercules Hinges

If you have a heavy door AND you want to use concealed hinges you have a couple of choices. Add a ton of hinges to hold the weight of the door OR use the SOSS Hercules Indivisible Hinge. The SOSS Hercules hinge was designed to hold extra heavy doors while providing you with the clean lines of a completely invisible hinge.

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The world’s ONLY stackable ramp system. Our ramps can be stacked and widened to meet anything you can image! If you are a skateboarder, RC car enthusiast, BMX rider, or scooter rider you will find our ramps a blast!

Skateboard Ramps

The world’s only stackable skateboard ramp! You can build skateboard ramps as big and wide as you can dream. Build multiple ramp configurations with just a few pieces. Easy to move & store. Add more pieces and create your own skate park! Learn More

RC Car & Truck Jump Ramps

Running your RC car up and down the sidewalk is fun. For about 5 minutes. Now what? Buy some LandWave ramps and start having real fun. Create awesome jumps! Build wild motocross-style courses and run some races! Learn More

BMX Jump Ramps

Are you a BMX rider that likes to do cool tricks? Want to know what is even better? Doing tricks that involve jumps! With our awesome stackable ramps, you can build super high ramps or create all kinds of challenging courses and jumps. Get a set today!
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Scooter Jump Ramps

Riding around the neighborhood and jumping curbs is fun… Sort of. Want more? Build some high ramps with the stackable LandWave ramp system! Add a few more pieces and create some really challenging courses and jumps. Start having real fun today. Check it out!

Lawn Mower & Edger Blades

The blade division has been part of the company since the beginning. Our blades are proudly American made with U.S. steel. We also take the time to hand grind our blades! We make the best lawn mower blades available.

Commercial Mower Blades

If you own a landscape business or mow a lot of grass, you know you need dependable equipment to stay up and running. That includes the blades on your mowers. Our blades use American steel and are made completely in the U.S.A. We hand grind the edge into our blades to give you a sharp long-lasting blade that will give you dependable service.  

Residential Mower Blades

If you take pride in your lawn and landscaping, you want the grass to look nice. That means getting a clean cut the first time you mow. To get that you need a sharp long-lasting blade. Our blades are made with American steel completely in the U.S.A. We hand grind the edge into our blades to give you sharp clean cut. Our blades will give you many seasons of dependable service.

Edger Blades

Need a sharp blade for your edger? Our blades are made with American steel in the U.S.A. We hand grind the edges into our blades to give you an extra sharp blade that will give you dependable service longer than cheap blades imported overseas. You can buy a cheaper blade, but you can’t buy a better one!

Rake Teeth Blades

If you need rake teeth blades made with American steel in the U.S.A. then our blades will fit the bill. We hand grind the edges into our blades to ensure an extra sharp edge. We take pride in our blades and want to make sure you get long and dependable service from them.

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“They’re (SOSS Invisible Hinges) are super sleek (and) takes your furniture building up to the next level. The cool thing about them is that they’re not that expensive and they’re not that hard to install.”

Michael Alm

“We love your stuff (SOSS Door Hardware)! Use it a lot.”

Sean Patrick Builders

“A little bit pricey but so durable and easy to transport that my 11 year old could take it out to the sidewalk, set it all up and then put it away by himself. This was better than any other ramp I found (as most were way too narrow to ride bikes or scooters over) and this one I feel is safe and very, very stable in comparison. I am really happy with this purchase.”

Larry, Customer that bought Landwave from Amazon